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It was stories like these that got us interested in understanding when this story went sideways. These are the headlines discussed by Farrah and Adam in episode 1 and in subsequent episodes.

Are millennials killing the death industry?

Why Millennials refuse to get married

Millennials are to blame for inflation

Millennials lament loss of pampered lifestyles as cost of luxury services soar

Millennials are moving back into awkward teen rooms in record numbers

Millennials can finally afford homeownership, causing a shortage

Millennials don’t stray far from where they grew up: Census Bureau, Harvard study

Millennials can’t afford to pay rent in these California cities because of the renter wage gap

Five cities where millennials struggle to rent a one-bedroom

How millennials became aggressively illiberal, censorious young adults

LOL, okay

Making Ends Meet: America’s poorest generation
points to this study: Millennials Are More Than $100,000 in Debt: 2022 Data