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In the Demo

A podcast about getting to the bottom of the Millennial Myth.

A bi-weekly podcast and newsletter

Have you ever noticed headlines about Millennials seem a tiny bit slanted? Why does the entire world believe every Millennial eats avocado toast for every meal? As researchers, and overly curious internet nerds, we wondered what is behind the bizarre editorial angle. We began by tracing the trajectory of the Millennial Myth and how it’s changed over time.

In The Demo, a podcast about how stories of groups are created, subverted and destroyed. On the first season, we pursue the origins of the Millennial Myth.

Your hosts:
Farrah Bostic is the founder and Head of Research & Strategy of The Difference Engine, a strategic insights consultancy focused on helping business leaders make decisions.

Adam Pierno, author, managing director of brand strategy at Arizona State University and founder of Specific Branding and Research.

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