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Clash of Segmentations

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In this episode, Farrah and Adam discuss the role and effectiveness of strategy in advertising, including how connected it needs to be to cultural trends, consumer insights, and business realities. And then – they take a deep dive into an article by Richard Huntington in WARC, “The Future of Strategy 2023: Marketing is in desperate need of a reality check” in which he agrees with our premise that generational segments are astrology for marketers – but uses this as a cudgel against all segmentations, which we don’t care for, frankly.

Also mentioned, Farrah’s piece, “There’s no such thing as insights“.

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Cohosted by Farrah Bostic and Adam Pierno. Edited by Allison Preisinger and AMP Studio. Music by 0megaMan under the Creative Commons license. Our intro is voiced by Eliza, a robot created by

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