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S1E19 – Is Millennial Intimacy Going to Save Us?

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Adam and Farrah regroup to discuss what they’ve learned from past episodes featuring Cindy Gallop, Katy Coduto PhD, and Cristen Dalessandro PhD (find them in the feed!!) about Millennial sex, dating, and intimacy. You know, the stuff you have to deal with before you even get to worrying about whether they’re getting married on time and having enough kids!

  • Intimacy, relationships, and generational differences.0:00
  • Gender roles, relationships, and technology.7:22
  • Dating apps and their impact on society.12:34
  • The impact of social media on self-awareness and relationships.20:21
  • Gender roles, attraction, and media influence.25:33
  • Millennials, Gen Z, and intergenerational relationships.33:48
  • Societal expectations around marriage and intimacy.40:19

In The Demo, a podcast about how stories of groups are created, subverted and destroyed. On the first season, we pursue the origins of the Millennial Myth. Farrah Bostic is the founder and Head of Research & Strategy of, The Difference Engine, a strategic insights consultancy focused on helping business leaders make decisions. Adam Pierno, author and brand consultant and managing director of brand strategy at Arizona State University. Our host is voiced by Eliza, a robot created by

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