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S1E16: Book Club! The Selfie Vote by Kristen Soltis Anderson

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We started with headlines from the New York Post and other extremely online publications and our research overall has shifted heavily into the journalistic media narrative arc that has been assigned to Millennials; a group we’re not even sure we would say exists. Now we decided we need to read the most visible and influential books over the past 20 years that coincided with shifts in the story. Up first, Kristen Soltis Anderson’s 2015 book The Selfie Vote: Where Millennials Are Leading America (And How Republicans Can Keep Up).

Find the book here:

We reference the author’s appearance on 538 here:


Interview with Echelon Insights (5:02)

The selfie vote and selfies (11:01)

How the GOP could connect with Millennials. (17:20)

The selfie as voting metaphor. (22:10)

How can we win back the vote? (27:44)

The millennial myth and the legalization of miscegenation. (33:16)

Millennials not worried enough about aging. (36:34)

How much you can know through data about voters? (42:12)

The decline in union membership. (46:41)

Shareholders vs. Investors. (52:06)

The republican autopsy on Millennials. (56:18)

Taking advantage of every opportunity. (1:00:37)

The rise of trump and the rise of millennials. (1:06:12)

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